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The Mt. Sinai Health Foundation seeks to assist Greater Cleveland's organizations and leaders to improve the health and well-being of the Jewish and general communities now and for generations to come.



FRIDAY, January 7, 2022

Proposals should be submitted using the Foundation’s new grant application portal. For information about the application process, please review the "How To Apply" section of this website.

Questions? Contact Program Officers Ali Foti and Adam Nation if you have additional questions about what we fund or how to apply.

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FCCR releases new vaccine uptake initiative RFP

Despite skyrocketing infections, the evidence remains clear: vaccination against the coronavirus drastically reduces the likelihood of symptomatic COVID-19 as well as the likelihood of severe disease and death in cases of so-called “breakthrough” infection. Still, only two-thirds of eligible Cuyahoga County residents and just 39% of Cleveland residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine. As of December 2021, some Cleveland census tracts have vaccination rates as low as 12%. The Funders’ Collaborative on COVID Recovery is seeking proposals from nonprofit organizations aiming to catalyze vaccine uptake at a hyper-local level, with a special focus on neighborhoods where vaccination rates remain far below those of the surrounding area. Nine (9) grant awards of up to $50,000 are available. Proposals for 6-month projects will be reviewed on a rolling basis through February 25, 2022. The full Request for Proposals (RFP) can be accessed here.

The Mt. Sinai Health Foundation is Hiring

The Mt. Sinai Health Foundation is seeking a dynamic, passionate, and highly collaborative program officer, responsible for assisting Greater Cleveland’s organizations in improving community health.

Strong candidates will possess a commitment to equity and social justice; familiarity with best practices in community health improvement; the ability to bring together diverse stakeholders, form trusting partnerships, and work toward common goals; experience leading or managing externally facing initiatives; and an orientation toward primary prevention and early intervention. Evidence of outstanding analytical and communication skills is required. Only those candidates with a deep interest in contributing to the betterment of the Greater Cleveland community will be considered.

The full job description can be accessed here.


First Year Cleveland Announces New Community-Led Executive Committee

First Year Cleveland (FYC), a public-private partnership aimed at reducing infant mortality and eliminating racial inequities in infant health outcomes, announced the appointment of members to its reconstituted Executive Committee. Installing the new committee will catalyze FYC’s shift in strategic direction to focus on combating racism as a root cause of maternal and infant mortality. Change in the initiative’s governance will be an essential guiding force for FYC’s evolution and a pivotal step to infuse considerations of equity and racial justice throughout its activities.

Expanding from 17 to 20 members, the Committee will lead FYC’s health care delivery and community-driven model of impact to include support for upstream and community-based initiatives that promote prenatal and infant health. The Committee will maintain representation from public and private sectors—including City and County government, health care institutions, and philanthropy—while broadening its decision-making to include Black leaders of nonprofit organizations that promote community health, grassroots organizers, faith-based leaders, social service executives, and policy experts.

“The appointment of new Executive Committee members marks an important milestone for First Year Cleveland,” said Mitchell Balk, President of The Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation and Chair of the FYC Governance Committee. The Governance Committee was charged with appointing the new Executive Committee members through a community-wide search and public nomination process. “This group brings to the table a remarkable depth and breadth of leadership, a diversity of experiences, and a commitment to addressing racism, toxic stress experienced by Black people, and other upstream factors that contribute to infant mortality in our community.”

The full press release can be accessed here (PDF).

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